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Example Reports
There are a variety of hours and earnings reports to select from that will serves a specific need in your department, or the department of another manager.  Reports show both hours and gross earnings information by employee, department, pay period, by week or range of weeks, semi-monthly, monthly, by sick days or vacation days, etc., in detail or summary. On-Duty, Missed Punches and Attendance reports are included.  Reports can be printed, displayed, E-mailed or exported.
Archive Audit Trail Employee Schedule Assignments
Attendance for Scheduled Employees Hours and Earnings Summary
Attendance Summary Report Hours by Day
Auditor's IP Report by Employee Name Hours Summary by Type
Auditor's IP Detail Report Manager Approval Report
Auditor's IP Summary Report Missed Punches
Badge Listing Monthly Departmental Summary
Daily Departmental Summary On Duty Report
Daily Hours & Earnings Monthly Payroll Summary
Daily Hours by Day Payroll Client Report
Daily Summary by Employee Payroll Summary
Daily Time Card Detail Schedules Listing
Departmental Summary Semi-Monthly Departmental Summary
Earnings with Pay Rate Analysis Semi-Monthly Payroll Summary
Employee Base Information Weekly Time Card Detail